Thursday, September 3, 2015


Why Do I Care So Much?
In my quest to flip open house I would not allow myself to worry about the technology pieces required to complete the job.  So, now that my plans have come to a screaming halt due to lack of access to the internet and a non-working SmartBoard, I am preparing plans B and C and wondering why I even considered the idea of flipping open house anyway?  Why do some folks jump right into integrating technology, or adopting a new curriculum, or taking on new initiatives?  Why do some folks not even open the curriculum update documents until later in the first quarter, if at all? 

I like to believe I am kid-friendly.  Not only do I have two kids of my own, but I was once a kid.  I disliked school with a passion.  One son feels that same about school as I did.  I seek to create the type of learning environment that honors all types of learners.  I don't want children to leave the room disliking school!  

This means I must respect the three key principles of good educational pedagogy: curriculum, classroom management, and instructional practices.  My philosophy also requires that I respect those that create the curriculum and provide access to training on instructional practices and classroom management.  I must respect what each child brings to my class.  I must try the things I am being asked to try, even if initial attempts fail. 

In my house, when new foods are presented we must all take 'no thank you" bites.  This means we must take a bite and if we don't like the bite then we say, "No thank you."  I care so much because I want to honor all who have gone before me.  I seek to honor those who have slaved over the new curriculums, those who have planned our welcome back to school activities, those who have built the very ramp that delivers children to my door!  I am willing to take the "no thank you" bite and at least try!

When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property. 
-Thomas Jefferson

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