About Mrs. Buhner

I am a wife, mom, learner, edtech geek, and teacher. I teach fifth grade at John B Dey Elementary in Virginia Beach, VA. I was born and raised in New York state where I completed a degree in education. My husband and I moved to Virginia in the early 90’s. My husband, Chris, coordinates a visual and performing arts academy and is an accomplished artist. We have two boys, both of whom attend VB schools and enjoy family adventures. Throughout my career as an educator I have obtained a master degree plus an extra thirty or so credit hours. I hold endorsements in the areas of elementary education, special education, and gifted education. I recently became a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of literacy. I am a lifelong learner. Perhaps because of my passion for learning I have taught in all the areas in which I am endorsed as well as served as a district coordinator of the new teacher mentor program. Throughout all these experiences I have not only had the honor of working with many accomplished teachers, administrators, and researchers, but have also taught the most amazing students.
Every day of every school year I have the privilege of working with kids who bravely enter into inductive learning activities with me where we end each session with more questions than when we began! Over the past few years I have gained an extensive interest in and passion for effective integration of “hands on = minds on” learning activities (perhaps now more aptly labeled STEM activities) through Maker’s Space, design challenges, EdCamp, and educational technologies. I am an active participant in the ‘give the classroom back to the students’ movement. Together, the Gabbiano's of Casolare 4 will co-craft a learning environment that honors each learner, supports the high achievement of all, and weaves a spirit of creative problem solving and critical thinking into all learning activities. And yes, that means no pre-posted classroom rules, assigned seats, or worksheets! Instead we will establish agreements, flexible teams and partnerships, and create authentic products such as blog posts, digital stories, Voki’s, Prezi’s, 3D symbols, and handle power tools!      

                                                             Our motto is:  Cerce Trova.

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