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 As I sat on the beach today listening to the whoosh, splash, and crash of the waves on the shore, I could not help but allow that excited, yet nervous feeling creep into my brain.  Fellow colleagues, you know the one:  'school starts soon'!  Chances are you have already been involved in professional development sessions, re-created your school calendar on your device, counted the days of holiday break, and perhaps even sent welcome letters to your new students.  Many of you are already working in your classrooms!  Part of me is glad we head back to school soon as the anticipation gets to be worse than waiting for the proverbial ketchup to come our of the bottle.

But this year, a part of me is looking forward to the year because I am determined this will be the year I stick to my promise to myself and my family that I will NOT LOSE myself to the demands of teaching.  I will work smarter, not harder.  I will leave school at school.  I will still continue to uphold high expectations for achievement on my students and myself, but I will learn how to balance what Robert Marzano describes as the three essentials principles of sound educational pedagogy: classroom management, curriculum, and teaching strategies.

I will teach like a human.

Stay tuned for news about my first goal:  In what ways can I streamline communication systems for students and their families while respecting the different levels of competency with, and access to devices, websites, apps, and other digital tools?  Have some suggestions?  I would love to dialogue with you.  Click on my contact page to open said dialogue.

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